Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Print Band Photos

Have you seen the new photos from Senior Night? Thanks to Grandma Sue, one of our dedicated shutter bugs, you have many to view. I am going to give you some easy directions on printing any of the band photos. See the highlights and captions under each of the following images.  If you have any questions just call me at 330-990-7128.

1. Click the Photos tab on our web page. 

2. Choose and click any album

3. View all photos in the album. 

4. Click the  "Photos" drop down arrow. Your cart will keep track of photos. 

5. Click "view" to see your choices. Click "order" when you're ready.

6. Choose from the list of Print Providers

7. I chose Walgreens and the photo cart appeared. The cost of one photo is $.19. Just follow the check out procedureand pick up photos in one hour. 

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