Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grading Policy

Musicianship 50%

Tone 10
Pitch 10
Rhythm 10
Articulation 10
Phrasing/Dynamics 10

Participation 25%

Practice Records/After School Practice 12.5

In Class Participation 12.5

Performance Attendance 25

Absence Form - please open this link, print and complete this document for absences.

Practice Form - please print this form and keep track of your practice time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Performance Attire

Marching Band
Full Uniform: Hat, plume, jacket, trousers, black socks, and marching shoes. Musicians are without make-up and jewelry. Hair must be concealed in the hat.
Summer Uniform: Band T-Shirt, navy shorts, black socks and black marching shoes.

Concert Band
Concert Attire:
Men - White collared dress shirt, tie, black dress pants, black socks and black shoes. No athletic or casual shoes and no white socks.
Ladies – all white top, long black skirt or black dress pants and black shoes. No short skirts/shirts, front lace or low rise pants.

Dress Up:
Men – Dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress shoes and dress socks. No denim, carpenter pants, pants with buckles, straps, chains or pants that droop. No athletic shoes.
Ladies – Dresses, skirts, dress pants, blouses and dress tops. No athletic shoes or denim. Your coverage should be such that you are able to play your instrument appropriately and move equipment without having wardrobe failure.

Jazz Ensemble
Use the dress up policy.

Student Awards

The following awards can be earned by the students and are awarded during the spring banquet.

Special Awards
Special awards can be earned by students who exhibit a high level of musicianship, dedication and honor. These students demonstrate a selfless pursuit of excellence having a clear positive impact on the other students.

Senior Awards

John Philip Sousa Award
Named for the great band leader/composer John Phillip Sousa, this award is presented to the senior who demonstrates the highest level of musicianship, scholarship and diligence through their participation in the band. It is awarded only when a student meets the standards established by John Phillip Sousa and is nationally recognized as the highest honor bestowed upon a band student.

Louis Armstrong Award
Named for the great jazz innovator Louis Armstrong, this award is given to the jazz student who lives up to the standards established by Louis Armstrong. The student receiving this award is one who embraces improvisation and the contribution of others to jazz music.

Regardless of Class

Outstanding Musicianship
This award is given, regardless of class, to the student who demonstrates great leadership and musical growth throughout the school year.

Band Service Awards

Service Bars
Service bars are awarded to middle school students who participated in marching band.

A band letter is awarded to all students who satisfactorily complete their 1st year of band/color guard.

A pin is awarded to all students who satisfactorily complete their 2nd year of band/color guard.

A medal is awarded to all students who satisfactorily complete their 3rd year of band/color guard.

Senior Award
Seniors receive a framed certificate in recognition of their service and leadership as a member of the band/color guard.

Student Leadership

The student president is elected by the students and serves as the student voice at all Band Booster meetings. This student is expected to coordinate all student activities and assist with fundraisers.

The student secretary is responsible for all communications between the officers and the students as well as concert and fund raiser advertising.

The student treasurer handles all funds collected for student events and assist with fundraisers.

Field Commander
The field commander is the student leader/conductor for the marching band. The field commander conducts performances and assists with rehearsals. The field commander also coordinates the music performed from the stands and at pep assemblies.
Auditions are held in May and the student is required to attend a leadership camp.


Marching Band
The Ellet Marching Orangemen is one of the most visible performance organizations at Ellet High School. The group performs at Ellet football games, OMEA adjudicated events and community events.
Rehearsals begin the last week of July with Freshman clinics. Pre-Camp is held the first week of August, Band camp the second week- ending with a preview performance for families and friends. Rehearsals are held during the week between camp and the start of school. Once school starts rehearsals are held on Mon. and Wed. after school.
All, instrumental, participants are required to be enrolled in Band A.

Color Guard
The Ellet Color Guard is an auxiliary offering of the Ellet Marching Band. The Color Guard provides visual interpretation of the music performed by the band through the use of flags, sabers and rifles.
The C.G. has the same rehearsal and performance schedule as the Ellet Marching Band.

Concert Band
The Ellet Concert Band is a concert ensemble that performs all styles of band music and classical repertoire. The Concert Band performs approximately once per month at assemblies, evening concerts and OMEA adjudicated events. All members must be enrolled in Band A.

Jazz Ensemble
The Ellet High School Jazz Ensemble is the most highly awarded music ensemble at Ellet High School. The Ellet Jazz Ensemble has received numerous awards and trophies throughout the region with countless members receiving awards and scholarships. The Ellet Jazz Ensemble performs throughout the Akron area and Ohio. Members must be enrolled in Band A or Orchestra (bass players).

Other Opportunities

Indoor Marching Percussion
The Ellet Indoor Percussion Line performs through the winter and spring semester. This group is primarily current percussion line members but may include others by audition. The drum line competes in MEPA sanctioned events throughout Ohio.

Winter Guard
The Ellet Winter Guard is a winter color guard performance group that performs and competes through the winter/spring semester. The group is primarily current color guard members but may include others by audition. The winter guard competes in MEPA sanctioned events throughout Ohio.

Solo/Ensemble Contest
The students may choose to participate in Solo and Ensemble contest. This contest is sanctioned by OMEA and offers the students an opportunity to perform a solo or small ensemble for an adjudicator. The music must be selected from a list. These are largely student run groups and involve a small fee.
See the director for details.

Scholastic Composers Contest
This event is sponsored by the Children’s Concert Society and offers the students an opportunity to compose a piece of music based on a predetermined set of guidelines and submit it for evaluation by the composition staff at The University of Akron. Performances of the winning compositions are performed in the spring.