Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Performance Attire

Marching Band
Full Uniform: Hat, plume, jacket, trousers, black socks, and marching shoes. Musicians are without make-up and jewelry. Hair must be concealed in the hat.
Summer Uniform: Band T-Shirt, navy shorts, black socks and black marching shoes.

Concert Band
Concert Attire:
Men - White collared dress shirt, tie, black dress pants, black socks and black shoes. No athletic or casual shoes and no white socks.
Ladies – all white top, long black skirt or black dress pants and black shoes. No short skirts/shirts, front lace or low rise pants.

Dress Up:
Men – Dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress shoes and dress socks. No denim, carpenter pants, pants with buckles, straps, chains or pants that droop. No athletic shoes.
Ladies – Dresses, skirts, dress pants, blouses and dress tops. No athletic shoes or denim. Your coverage should be such that you are able to play your instrument appropriately and move equipment without having wardrobe failure.

Jazz Ensemble
Use the dress up policy.

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