Friday, July 27, 2012

Medical Form and Physicals

Where are you taking your children for their physical this year? Last year I made the mistake of going to the pediatrician and then paying $130 because my insurance didn't cover sports physicals! Today I called Acme on Wedgewood and spoke with Lauren at the Express Care Clinic. She said there is less waiting time earlier in the day. Then I looked online to see if there were other clinics available and found Walgreen.

Acme Express Care Clinics - $40 - they take walk-ins,  Monday - Friday 9:00 - 6:30, Saturday 9:00 - 2:30, Sunday noon - 3:30. Note: if your child is on Medicaid you must get the physical with your Primary Physician.

Walgreen Take Care Clinics - $39 -  check the website for locations. You will need to schedule an appointment.

Here is the Medical Consent Form and OHSAA Physical Form. Just click to open and print document. 

Parents, have you tried either of these clinics? Do you know of any other places we could add to the list? Please leave your comments in the box below.


  1. Thank you Christie, this is great information.

  2. You are welcome! Katie passed her physical at Acme with flying colors today. We waited for about 5 minutes and she was finished in about 10 minutes.

  3. Message from a band parent:
    Childrens Hospital Sports Med Institute also gives physicals. You can not use insurance but I believe it was only $35 last year. I can't remember if an appointment was necessary.

  4. Message from a band parent:
    I just went to the web site for the first time and it looks great. Great tip about the physical. I called my pediatrician and they are booked up until the end of the month. Your suggestion will save me lots of bucks.


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