Thursday, June 21, 2012

Band Camp Reminders

All payments must be submitted by the start of pre-camp. Medical forms must be turned in to Mr Grom by the first practice attended. Students who have not been fitted for uniform and/or shoes please see Mr. Grom.
Parents, please remember the parent orientation on Sunday, August 12th at 1:00 pm. It’s a good opportunity to meet the other parents and learn how you can help the students through the year.
 If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Mr. Grom at:  330-861-9491 (cell) 330-794-4132 (work)
Band camp is one of the most important weeks of the marching band season. We learn our show, develop our marching and playing skills and, most importantly, get to know one another.
Although camp is at Ellet, students and staff are to be isolated during the day and so we ask there be no visitors. We all need to learn to rely on each other and focus on performing together.

Band Camp Necessities
Being properly prepared for rehearsals and performances is crucial to our success.

ü Instrument, performance and care accessories
ü Flags
ü 3-ring binder with plastic page holders
ü Flip Folder and Lyre
ü Highlighter
ü Pencils and notebook paper
ü Clothing for all weather – cool at night, hot during day, rain, etc.
ü Tennis Shoes/Socks
ü Sunscreen
ü Insect Repellant (for evening rehearsals)
ü Any Medications (see Mr. Hoover with details)
ü Summer uniform (T-Shirt, navy shorts, marching shoes, black socks) for preview performance on last day.


·  All Akron Public School rules and regulations apply
·  Shoes must be worn at all times when outdoors
·   No visitors at camp will be permitted
·   Use of Cell phones is prohibited during camp and pre-camp
·    If a student is sent home for disciplinary reasons there will be no refund
·    Every student must have a current medical form on file with the band prior to the start of Pre- camp, and must include all changes in medications, limitations and/or recent illnesses.
·    Students are expected to attend all rehearsals. Work is not an excused absence.
·    Behavior and conduct must reflect the individual and group in a positive light.
·    Once at rehearsal students are not to leave campus. Once camp has begun each day, use of student vehicles is prohibited
Chaperones are an extension of the instructors and must be treated with respect and obedience.

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