Monday, September 5, 2011

You Might Be a Band Geek If...

                                                by Katie DeAngelis - Trumpet, Class of 2008
10. You're a senior and you're still in the band!
9. You spend more time wearing blue & orange than any other color.
8. You have come up with your own, "one time, at band camp" stories.
7. Your find yourself telling other kids in school that "if you're not peeing, you're not drinking enough!"
6. You use band camp as an opportunity to find and new boy/girlfriend.
5. When bored in class you find yourself humming show songs.
4. Your know exactly which truck Mr. Grom drives.
3. You see the band room more than your home.
2. Your parents have given Mr. Grom permission to adopt you since he sees you more than they do.
1. You reach for your flow charts anytime you pass Mr. Grom in the hall!

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